International Kiteboarding Organization
IKO has established a solid professional network of top level examiners, professionally trained instructors, and exclusive affiliated kiteboarding centers. With this exclusive network, IKO provides the highest level of teaching with standards recognized and applied throughout the world.
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 Our philosophy is to reach pure excellence in the teaching experience and find the perfect balance of fun and safety for all our IKO members.
The IKO’s mission:
1. Develop and promote the safe practice of kiteboarding. 
2. Continue the development of kiteboarding by enhancing the highest quality standards.
3. Create interaction among all the parties developing the sport for the benefit of all. 
Thanks to its status, IKO can adapt to the needs of an International market as well as to local kiteboarding practices.
The IKO Network...
Includes over 130 affiliated kiteboarding centers in 38 countries, plus 20 active IKO Examiners and roughly 4.000 active IKO Instructors. IKO has certified over 410.000 kiteboarders worldwide, with over 40.000 new kiteboarders certified each year. IKO forges relationships with only select top-level partners.
Advanced Quality Control System... 
Enables IKO to check student feedback to achieve total student satisfaction, and to retain only top-level instructors, examiners, IKO Affiliated Centers and points in our network.
IKO Extends Many Privileges to All Kiters...
IKO offers online courses to all kiters not just IKO members to assist them pursue "the passion," learn more about kiteboarding, and interact with other kiters.