DIRT DESSERT :: European Mountainboad Boardercross Challange

Saturday, 20. june 2015
We shall celebrate this year’s World mountainboarding day in a special way, by hosting the international mountainboarding competition DIRT DESsERT. From June 19th to June 21st 2015, riders will gather in Kranj, Slovenia, to show their skills in boardercross and freestyle. After years of hard labor, the track has developed to ensure unforgettable riding experience.
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The event will start on Friday 19 June, with official training, which will take place throughout the day and will continue on  Saturday at 10 am, when the  boardercross qualification for the final calculation will be held. Boardercross on the track at the foot of Jost is very attractive and exciting as it allows four boarders  to compete at the same time. After the race is finished, the freestyle contest will start , where the best mouintainbarders from different countries will show their skills on big jumps, pipes and various objects.
In parallel with the competition a slackline session will be held. All who possess sufficient balance will be able to compete for prizes. Good music and BBQ at the event will be provided. Upon completion of the competition day, an awards ceremony and a big party will follow.

More info comming soon!