Dirty October

Thursday, 06. october 2011
One of the biggest mountainboard meeting in Europe is near. Thorn in the eye crew welcomes you on competition you will never forget (he who comes to our track, comes back next year). Experience boarder cross race like you never had. Enjoy the Serbian food, feel the Serbian hospitality.
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Mountainboard European Championship 2011 Serbia
Location: Mountainboard Park Bukovac, Novi Sad, Serbia 
Propositions and program:

training and qualification races (each rider will get 3 four cross races and gather points for his placement - 1st place 5, 2nd place 3, 3rd place 2 and 4th place 1 point. If someone misses his race or doesn't want to race 3 times, he will get 1 point for each race he missed. Riders who couldn't come on time on Friday and want to attend elimination races on Saturday will get 3 points.

Elimination 4cross races. All riders will be divided to 4 groups - RED, BLUE, YELLOW and BLACK. If number of riders is bigger than 32, first 24 due to their collected points will go through, and rest will go to qualification races to get best 8 riders.They will enter the BLACK group. RED group will be given to riders with biggest amount of points from starting list, BLUE to next 8 riders, and YELLOW to the rest. 
All riders must be in start area on time. In each race will be one rider from each group - RED, BLUE, YELLOW and BLACK. First two in each race goes through to next round. In top 16, semi finals and final race, colors will be given in order from the starting list (amounts of points).
There won't be girls race, but girls can race with guys.
Winners will be announced in men, women and master (35+) category from the result list.
Lunch break.
Freestyle competition. Each rider will have 6 runs, and the best three another 3 attempts. Best rider and best trick will be announced.
Well known after party.

Breakfast, riders wishes, and of you go back to your homes ;)

All riders ride on their own responsibility (when you see our track, you will know why so..)
All boards must have 8 inches tires. No brakes allowed. Are you men or a mouse?
In case of bad weather reports, competition can be postponed to next weekend 14-16th.
If you want to kiss our girls, it's OK, we already kissed yours.
...more info and pics soon...