Mountainboard 4 Cross World Championship Serbia

Friday, 06. september 2013
 The time has come for first World Boardercross Championship! After a lot of european riders shred it and test it, they all agree that serbian track is ready to be host for first BX Championship! We expect huge gathering of world wide riders,a lot of awesome races,some crazy freestyle contest and off course pool party :) Gear up and hit the road to Serbia cuz this year we write history in mountainboard scene!!!
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The official races start`s in friday( 6 september) but i recommend for all riders to come at least one day before and try the track (riders who try it know what i am talking about)! In friday all riders will have 3 races and it`s not usual qualification form,the aim was for all who came to ride and have at least four races(4 cross) before they go home,you will agree with me we all need as much races we can so loosing one race doesn`t mean you go home! So there is a lot of work to get to the finals (7 races)! 
Event rules and regulations:
Competition will last for 2 days - 1st day (Friday) will be boarder cross qualifications and this year we will do it like last time - by the Serbian rules :
every rider will got chance to ride in three races, groups of 4 riders will be picked random, and every rider will race in 3 different groups. Riders will gain points for their placement in those races; 1st will get 5 points, 2nd - 3 points, 3rd - 2 points, and 4th - 1 point. After 3 races, point summary will be published and that list will be used for tomorrow elimination races. Best 32 riders with go through to next stage.
They will be divided in 4 groups ( RED - best 8 riders, BLUE - riders from 9-16th place on the list, YELLOW -from 17-24, and BLACK - last 8, from 35-32). RED rider has priority in picking the starting lane, then BLUE, and YELLOW in front of BLACK. In each race will be rider with one of those colors, due to the qualification list.
On second day, will be elimination races from 1/8 finals (best 32) until the final race. Best two riders in each race goes through to next stage.
After BX, will be Freestyle - Slopestyle competition:
2 jumps in a row
3 runs for all riders- 2 best counted
best 8 goes to finals
5 runs - 3 best counted
In the case of a large number of sportsmen:
Q: 2 runs by 1 best
F: 3 runs by 2 best 

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