2010 Dutch Kitelandboarding Tour

Sunday, 16. may 2010
The 1st stage of the Open Dutch Kitelandboarding Tour took place on the Beach of Ijmuiderslag in the north of the Netherlands, on Friday a fun and practice session was held in 15-20 knots. On Saturday the official part of the competition took place with clear skies and winds ranging between 10-15 knots.  
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With participants from France, Poland, Holland and Belgium, the participants field was very all-round. Forest7 who organized the event put up a nice show with lots of room for the competitors to show their tricks in a 10 minute time frame.
Judging was on overall performance and style, combining new-school and old-school tricks. Unfortunately the wind died during the start of the 2nd block of heats.
There for a tie was created, meaning 3 ex-equal 1st places.
Results in the men’s division:
Jelmer van der Kist (Flysurfer/MBS)
Yusca Balogh (Flysurfer/MBS)
Jouke Reiffers
Results in the masters division:
Kris Wils (Peter Lynn)
The 2nd stage of the 2010 Open Dutch Kitelandboarding Championships will take place on 25th and 26th of September, also on the beaches of Ijmuiderslag, the Netherlands.
Jelmer and Yusca were riding the MBS Pro 90 kiteboard