Burn Mountainboard European Challange

Friday, 14. october 2011
 Last weekend a competition in freestyle and cross Mountainboard disciplines took place in Bukovac, Novi Sad. The ATB Club organized a "Burn Mountainboard European Challenge", where 32 contestants from 9 countries competed on a 700m long, very fast boardercross track and showed their skills in a freestyle jumping competition.
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 On the first day the qualifications were held, where each participant had the opportunity of three runs, while the scoring system was 5,3,2,1 points. The track was very dry and consequently incredibly fast, which did not prevent the experienced competitors to ride with full speed, leaving a big cloud of dust behind. The riders came from Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, France, Russia, Romania and Serbia, of course. At the end of the qualifications, a list of best scored riders was made and they were devided in four groups (eighth-finals).
The next day, the contest was slightly delayed as the necessary repaires to the track had to be made because of the rain that fell during the night. Then eight races were completed, providing 16 best riders. Further four runs left only eighth.  Followed by the two semi finals and then finals, four contestants battled to win. The victory went to last year's title defender Staszczyku Marcin from Poland,the domestic champion Slobodan Banovic took the silver medal, immediately followed by another Pole Marcin Wegrzyn. Russian Andrey Yenin had to settle for fourth place. In the girls part of the competition, last year's winner Senka Bajic took the win again, Sonja Nicolau was second and Erika Pinteo follwed in third place (both from Romania). The best junior in the competition was the young guest from Germany, Frieder Kurrle, which was accompanied by domestic hopes Momcilo Gajic and Jovan Brzak. During the Masters, the most skilful proved to be a German veteran Jo Mo, finishing before rivals Dejan Planinsek and Predrag Marcikic.
Cream on the cake was the freestayl competition that followed the races. Boarders displayed their skills in the sky. Rotations, combs, flips ... made the judges job hard, but it was decided that the best was Timothee Lambrecq (France) beating Andrey Yenin (Russia) and Lazio Csernus (Hungary).
In the end, following the announcement of best riders and the awards ceremony, an after-party took place and lasted long into the night.
All 5 Slovenians (Jaka Lah, Domen Fende, Dejan Planinsek, Izak Mrgole and Jan Snedic) from K360 Club Kranj, have done well, as their good results placed them in the final part of the competition and they ranked third place overall.