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Flysurfer Boost

Article number: 2001
Price: 1.099,00 €

The Flysurfer Boost is the Ultimate High Performance Inflatable Kite from Flysurfer. The name gives it away with high boosting jumps and IKA registered race kite performance.

The Boost is the second inflatable kitesurfing kite from Flysurfer and they have really pulled out all the stops on this one. The Cronix brought in a lot of new technology and design styles to inflatables that had not been seen before which confused some riders. The Boost simplifies the kite design a lot compared to the Cronix but has super high performance built inside the kite! Built for super high boosting jumps and hang time along with amazing upwind ability for racing the Flysurfer Boost has a lot to offer experienced riders.  Super high aspect ratio and pre-tensioned sail design makes the canopy super tight in use and the smaller sizes are optimised for their ideal wind conditions and stability but also to get the maximum speed, lift and float available. Flysurfer have always been known for super efficient kites for lightwind use and the Boost is no exception the 15m and 18m are aimed at lightwind performance, with weight reduction and higher aspect ratio and a small rear bridle to get the best paraglider style performance out of the light breezes.

Flysurfer Kiteboarding: BOOST ... The high performance L.E.I rocket! from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding on Vimeo.



The Flysurfer Boost is IKA registered for official racing in 2015 and is an ideal kite for racers on courses but also riders wanting to boost massive airs and freeride to the max.  The high kite speed is also great for riders wanting to progress with hydrofoiling and speed boards. The Flysurfer Boost comes complete with the new Infinity 3.0 bar which is a small upgrade from the old Infinity 2.0 with a nicer grip.  We could go on about this kite for hours about its performance and float and upwind ability and speed but Flysurfer have produced some amazing videos of the kite in action with their team. Check out the designer interview below for the tech spec talk... or cut straight to the fun videos below to see the kite in action!