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LXV Hossegor

Article number: MT08
Regular price: 27,96 €
Discount: 15%

Price: 22,95 €
 100% acrylic thin unisex
The life of a beanie is long. It’s made. It sits on a few heads before it finds the right fit. It’s purchased. It’s worn for an entire season, daily. It’s worn out and tried on all its owner’s friends. It gets lost. Then found. It gets thrown in a closet. Then revived. It gets dropped in something smelly. Then washed. And after years, the hairs and the mystery stains are just part of its wear and tear. But it’s still worn.
LXV is a downtown Barcelona-based headwear company. We make high quality beanies and support a collective of creative individuals within the snowboard, skateboard and surf worlds, bringing the Barcelona best – our beanies are modern, avant-garde and colorful.