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Atom 39 Bamboo Drop-Deck Longboard - Tiki

Article number: al004
Price: 169,00 €
 Were really excited about this new addition to Atoms drop line, mainly just because its so much fun, but also because we think this new branch of our drop deck family tree holds so much potential for the sport. The secret of its success is in the pairing of the 20 degree tip angles with genuine Navigator 40-degree reverse king pin trucks. The resultant 60 degree effective truck geometry allows this long and stable 40inch longboard to turn like a slalom board. The 20 degree tip angle also forms the perfect push pocket for your on-board foot while pushing - both comfortable and low, youll know it when you feel it, the perfection of push. Add to this the cruisy yet lively flex of our new bamboo / maple hybrid deck lay-up, and our new ultra fast and cushy 76mm Atom 76er wheels and you have a board built to cruise.