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MBS Pro 97 Dylan Warren Deck

Article number: 11416
Price: 190,00 €
MBS is thrilled to reveal Dylan Warrens signature on our brand new MBS Pro 97.
Dylans full length Hashtag mountainboard movie melted minds worldwide when it uncovered whats been going on in Australian mountainboarding over the past year. Its big, its rails, its drops, its not for the faint hearted, and its just a hint of whats to come for the emerging urban side of the sport. But despite Dylans skate background hes as much at home in the Aussie bush as he is the streets of Melbourne and were looking forward to seeing where he takes us all on his next cinematic journey. In the meantime he will continue to push the sport and the capability of MBS boards the same way he has during the development of the MBS Pro 97. Any rider who aspires to have their own pro model one day rest assured, the MBS Dylan Warren Pro 97 is the board to help you reach that goal.

Situated right between the Pro 95 and Pro 100, the new 97cm deck length is sized to be the best of both worlds - short enough to give you the advantage you need to pull that big spin but long enough to give you the stability you need to stick it. And feel free to go as big as you want on this deck; its new powerlam + construction is made for it with the beefiest fiberglass lay-up ever used with a horizontal laminate deck. The Pro 97s asymmetric concave underfoot is ergonomically contoured to match the natural curve of your foot placing the low-point of the concave directly under the ball of your foot for comfort and that locked-in feeling every rider loves while its traditional tub concave in the mid-section of the deck delivers awesome pop and the perfect profile for rail slides. In addition to being multi-concaved the Pro 97 is also multi-cambered with its flat camber underfoot reducing stress in your joints and its traditional arched camber in the center of the deck giving you a little extra clearance, stiffness, and a super locked in feeling on the rails where the Pro 97s super slick and durable PBT graphics will keep you sliding for daaaaayyyys....