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Hillbilly Fullfingers Black Gloves

Article number: hbbl
Price: 44,00 €
These gloves have been designed and tested by pro athletes and medical experts. The wrap is constructed of a combination of goat skin leather and elastic which allows for maximum hand movement while dispersing impact over a large area of the wrists. Gloves are double stitched with nylon thread. The spoon shaped splint, that works as a wrist guard, is ergonomically designed to fit the wrist and palm. The Heavy Doody construction and lightweight materials make them a must for all types of riding conditions.
Hillbilly Full-Finger Glove is a single palm splint glove with three Velcro straps to it down tight. Contrary to Half-Finger Gloves, Full-Finger gloves have enhanced protection for your fingertips. They are very comfortable to wear and seem to mould to your hand after wearing a few times which make them fit "just like a glove". The palm splint is very big and cupped to offer maximum protection when sliding.
Suitable for mountainboarding, roller skating, skateboarding, snowboarding...